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Rooted in Community, Cultivating Prosperity: Uniting Small Businesses and Industries in Pikeville, Tennessee. 

Public & Media Relations

Our Chamber stands ready to support you by attending your events, showcasing new products, and promoting innovative services within our vibrant community.

Creating a Strong Network

Our meetings offer a valuable opportunity to immerse yourself in our community’s dynamics and connect with like-minded business leaders, fostering networking and comprehensive insight into our thriving locality

Social Media

Let us amplify your business! We specialize in crafting tailored content and leveraging our social media channels to effectively promote and elevate your brand within our community.

What we do for you


Create Networking Opportunites

At our quarterly membership meetings, we bring together our community, featuring guest speakers who provide insights into relevant events, upcoming activities, and invaluable information, fostering engagement and empowerment among our members


Public Relations

We make it a priority to attend your business’s ribbon cuttings, customer appreciation days, and other hosted events, offering support and dedicated promotion to amplify your success within our community.


Promotional Activities

We actively engage across multiple social media platforms, offering comprehensive coverage through photography and videography services to showcase and promote our Chamber members, ensuring their stories resonate across our diverse community.

About Us

The Pikeville Chamber of Commerce comprises dedicated individuals striving to enrich our community. With a focus on enhancing quality of life, fostering industry growth, and fortifying our community, we aim to build a stronger, more vibrant Pikeville.

Industrial Development

Situated in proximity to various major cities, Pikeville stands as an ideal location for industries seeking strategic placement and accessibility. Pikeville embraces and encourages industrial growth and development, leveraging its advantageous position to attract businesses looking to establish a presence near urban centers while enjoying the benefits of a supportive local community.

Local Entrepreneurship

Pikeville is a thriving hub for entrepreneurial endeavors, hosting a spectrum of enterprises from family-owned businesses to legal services, retail outlets, and diverse dining establishments. Additionally, the town’s appeal as a tourist destination spot further fosters opportunities for budding businesses seeking exposure and growth within the local economy.

Farm & Agriculture

Bledsoe County boasts a thriving agricultural landscape, supported by a diverse array of farming industries. Its rich soil and favorable climate foster a robust environment for agricultural pursuits, leading to a significant presence of farms and related industries within the region.

Medical, Health & Wellness

Bledsoe County is equipped with an impressive array of medical facilities, including Erlanger Hospital, Erlanger Medical Office, various specialized clinics such as physical therapy, eye care, and dental services. These facilities deliver world-class healthcare services, ensuring exceptional care and accessibility for our rural community.

Powering local prosperity through unity and growth.”


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